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Nationwide Legal LLC

For all your attorney services needs, we recommend
that you contact
Nationwide Legal, LLC.

The below mentioned services are available throughout San Diego County, the State of California, and Nationwide!


Routine Service of Process
Rush/Same Day Service of Process
Stake-Out / Surveillance
Unlawful Detainer / 3/30 Notices


If you need a subpoena prepared and served in California or Nationwide, allow our Subpoena Preparation Department to assist you. Simply E-Mail or Fax our Subpoena Preparation Form with the pertinent information and we will handle the rest. We will create the Subpoena, serve opposing counsel, and the location with the subpoena. If you are seeking records, we will copy the records and deliver them to your office.


E-Filings / Fax Filings
Rush/Routine Court Research
Routine Filings
Rush/Same Day Filings
Retainer Work Available


If you have a large stack of documents that need to be duplicated, allow our High Speed Photocopy Services Department to assist you. If needed, we will provide you with exhibit tabs, medical record tabs, colored cover stock paper, color copies, velo & comb bound documents, as well as binders and folders. We will pick up the documents from your office, or from another location, duplicate them to your specifications, and return them as soon as possible. Don’t waste hours of your time standing at the copier removing staples and re-stapling documents. Give us a call and let us do the work for you!


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